Friday Five! 28/08/2015

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Today see’s the birthday of some incredible people. Marcus Zuerius van Boxhorn (1653) [Who? – Ed], Umberto Giordano (1867) [Okay, I know this one – Ed], John Betjeman (1906), Dixie Evans (1926) [Oh aye? – Ed] and more recently Florence Welch of screechy fame, and Armie Hammer of acting fame, both born in 1986. 1994 was an important year that saw the birth of Outwests most handsome committee member, Mr. Kelly, and the amazing Galway Pride disc spinner DJ Vinny. Happy 21st to both of them from all at Outwest. At with that in mind, here’s today’s Friday Five for 28th August 2015.

1. What was the best birthday gift you ever received?
2. How will you celebrate your 100th birthday?
3. Winnie the Pooh wishes people happy birthday by saying “Many happy returns!” Any idea what that means or where it comes from?
4. Which celebrity do you share your birthday with?
5. Should it be the law that you are entitled to a day off work/school/whatever on your birthday?

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Last weeks best answers came from regular reader Cathy Blake. Thanks Cathy.

1. Wales for a family holiday I was 4 years old
2. Nothing really funny but we constantly get lost, our record is 3 and a half hours from Lucan spa hotel to Dundrum.
3. The Colosseum in Athens amazing!!! Greece is amazing!
4. Canada, last year.
5. The is a big yellow ball that appears in the sky, I think it is called the sun. Wherever that is making an appearance.

These questions are purely for fun and do not form part of a survey.

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